AyadSons® Group is considered one of the main market-leading Supplies and Services Corporation, headquartered in Egypt, specialized in the trading of high-quality engineering products used in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Infrastructural fields. The Group is an ISO 9001 certified, managed by a group of expertise and qualified specialists whom are having a long profound experience in various engineering project related activities.
AyadSons® Group’s main aim is to create a sustainable business by means of doing business with honesty and courtesy.
AyadSons® Group through its professional staff, procurement and supply services provide the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Infrastructural Industries with a wide range of materials, instruments and equipment, either from our trusted local sources or our recognized international alliance partners. Some of these services and products include:

International Sector

* Piping and fitting products
* All types of valves and flanges
* Heavy lifting and transportation services
* Heat exchangers and air coolers
* Heat treatment materials
* Wire ropes products
* Gear boxes and spare parts for marine engine
* Spherical tanks and pressure vessels
* Cathodic protection materials
* Nitrogen Injection

Local Sector

* Construction works and refurbishments
* General Renovation; furnishing and finishing projects
* Design & implementation of concrete structure or metal
* Periodic Preventive Maintenance
* Warehousing and Inventory management services
* Residential Make-ready services and Change of Occupancy Services.
* HVAC Maintenance
* Custodial Services
* Emergency Service calls and repairs

Our main goal is to consistently satisfy our customer's needs and to always exceed their expectations. This is chiefly achieved by the spirit of our teamwork, continuous improvements and a policy of responsibility towards the quality of work aligned with a focus on customer best follow up and after sales services. We believe that our success should be based on two pillars: the workers and employees on the one hand, and our clients on the other hand. For us the whole workforce is a partner in success. If we ever fail in meeting your expectations, we would like to hear from you

About Us


Egypt 50 years ago, more specifically in 1957, Ayad Zaki, the father, began his successful mission towards AyadSons®Group of today. Initially, the work took its first steps in a small shop located in street 9, Maadi district and by time, Ayad Zaki has gained customers’ and clients’ trust and became very well known for his commitment in delivering a high quality services in the main three disciplines: plumbing, electricity works, and carpentry work. Later after, the small company was handed over to Engineer George Ayad Zaki and his brother Mr. Emad Ayad Zaki, whereby developments took place to include all work divisions related to building maintenance, such as: plumbing, electricity works, carpentry works, appliances, guarding services, landscaping and all that is related to the building process and building materials. As the years go by, AyadSons® Group maintained its image in the local market and started to improve and expand its fields of business to cover more and more sectors and make some change in its route. In 1991, AyadSons® Group became a recognized agent by taking the representation of about 15 or more prominent suppliers in the field of supporting products for the oil, gas and petrochemical markets all over the world but with a large focus on European based companies. As a result of such huge partnership,AyadSons® Group has continued in expanding its scope of work in the fields of supplying all kinds of pipes, tubes, valves, flanges, fittings, spigots, steel structures & tanks, cathodic protection, thermal treatment, thermal commutators, chemical products, inspection services, and heavy lifting cranes & transportation. In addition to the clients’ increasing demands to our products and services, it has been one of AyadSons® Group targets to have highly qualified and experienced agents in other countries. Thus having agents in Libya, Sudan, and Syria is one more jump forward in the AyadSons® Group growing success, aiming to have more agents in more countries all over the globe. In ten years’ time, since 1991 to 2010, AyadSons® Group‘s total number of employees expanded from a team of 5 workers to over than 250 recruits of specialists, experts and experienced workers nowadays


“AyadSons® Group is committed to ensure that all its products, supplies and services adhere to the required specifications, quality and delivery period. It will be the endeavor of the Group to meet and exceed customer’s and client’s expectations in every single aspect of work. It is the Group policy to continuously develop and improve its quality and quality related systems to respond to the changing demands of customers to match today’s requirements in the most cost effective way”.

Corporate Values


1. We are honest and straightforward in sharing our thoughts and feelings, the sincerity of which we demonstrate by example.
2. We do not tolerate actions that infringe upon the law and our regulations.
3. We do not allow abuse, misuse or misappropriation of corporate property.
4. We communicate respectfully and share information, knowledge and experience in a clear manner within the corporation. Transparency


1. In our work, we adhere to the corporate code of conduct and business ethics. We show integrity in and are accountable for our decisions and deeds.


1. We are committed to attain the highest level of efficiency and productivity in each and every activity through our best performance.
2. We add value to our customers.
3. We measure our work against the highest international standards of quality and efficiency.
4. We make the best use of our resources and we evaluate each investment according to the corporation's best interest


1. We are demanding to ourselves and committed to the organization's strategic efforts.
2. We believe in promoting change for the well-being of the corporation and we act accordingly.
3. We join all our efforts to achieve the organization's strategic goals.
4. We are highly motivated by a deep love for AyadSons® Group, and focus on serving the society.
5. We are sensitive to the expectations of our human resources and seek an adequate balance between their needs and those of the Corporation


- We manage and safeguard our country most important legacy.
- We contribute and participate in the achievement of the company's goals.
- We accept the consequences of our decisions and actions.
- We are committed to excellence as a personal as well as corporate duty.


- We keep our promises and we do not make promises which we cannot fulfill.
- We satisfy our customer's expectations first time and every time.
- We dedicate ourselves to every customer as if he or she were our only customer.
- We respond swiftly to our customers' needs and will not rest until they have been satisfied

Corporate Facts

The following are some facts about the Group’s main features that distinguish AyadSons® Group from others
- AyadSons® Group provides the market with the best quality guaranteed products and services, accompanied with the most competitive prices in the market.
- We apply the most advanced technological systems to guarantee the best of what’s acquired anytime and anywhere.
- Worth mentioning, AyadSons® Group is characterized with the least employment turnover as it precisely choose its employees and workers, the reason they have today people working since the day the company first founded.
- Moreover, AyadSons® Group is highly keen on the health and safety of its workers, the environment, and saving energy, for this reason the company duty towards its employees to make them aware with the latest H&S instructions on a regular basis in addition to using the latest safety equipment in the work field. Moreover, the company’s duty towards the environment is as important as to its employees, this could be seen in the application of the latest technology and equipment to attain sustainability concept.
- Added to all these, we provide our clients the best after sales maintenance and follow-up.
- Furthermore, we are honored to announce that we provide ISO, SAFETY, and QUALITY guarantees.
- Finally, we are delighted to promptly respond to all our customers’ needs to acquire their ultimate satisfaction under any circumstances.

Our Principles & Objectives

Listed below, conceptions of the Group’s main principles and objectives derived from our day-to-day continuous development scheme. Our principles and objectives are
- To promptly respond to the customer’s needs
- To acquire customer’s satisfaction
- To offer consistent quality assured products
- To be aware and apply the up-to-date technological systems
- To meet excellence in services
- To focus on the Health and Safety requirements
- To project the environmental issues and concerns and achieve sustainable goals
- To promote for energy savings in all work aspects
- To ensure the commitment of the after sales and maintenance services
- To achieve an ongoing product range development
- To invest and develop in new and existing areas to follow the world rapid changes

Chairman's Message

In today’s global economy, only the best companies survive. AyadSons® Group has been able to stay in business and expand its scope of work by adopting new approaches that meet the important challenges posed by business environment nowadays. AyadSons® Group, from humble beginnings starting in the year 1984, has always been a significant force in contributing to the Egyptian Market, whilst becoming a well-established corporation headquartered in Egypt and branched in other countries in the Dubai and Cyprus. Even during the lean economic times, AyadSons® Group always maintained its commitment; by its management possessing desired expertise and talent for risk management functions and in maintaining and improving its excellent financial strengths year after year.
I wish AyadSons® Group the very best in their endeavor for years to come.
With best wishes,
Eng. George Ayad
Group Chairman

Health & Safety & Environmental Impact Reduction

AyadSons® is a pioneering company specialized in providing general supplies. Ayad Sons Group constantly aspires to achieve the highest level possible of customer satisfaction while adhering to the required specifications for providing general supplies and the applicable legal requirements as well as other requirements for supplies and operations quality, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), the reduction of the environmental impacts of general supplies-related activities…etc.
Furthermore, the Company strives to minimize work-related injuries and diseases, improve the effectiveness of its systems on a constant basis and reduce the risk of pollution. In this light, the Company established and adopted an integrated management system complying with the following international standards:
ISO 9001 : 2008 , ISO 14001 : 2004 & OHSAS 18001 : 2007

Board of Directors Details

Eng. George Ayad Hanna – Group President
Tel +2 (012) 211 7851,
Email Gayad@ayadsons.com

Mr. Emad Ayad Hanna – Group vice-President
Tel +2 (012) 315 3866,
Email Eayad@ayadsons.com

Mrs. Jacqueline Ayad Zaki – Management Representative
Tel +2 (012) 660 0623,
Email Jayad@ayadsons.com